Kairos Strategies

Strategies is a software editor company specializing in risk appraisal and crisis management.
It offers a unique solution to support the organization of your crisis management training exercises, Kairo

Kairos Training. Organise your crisis management exercise simply quicker and wiser.

Kairos Training facilitates and simplifies the preparation, the animation and the debriefing of your crisis management and business continuity exercises.

Spend more time on the content of your exercise as Kairos Training helps you to fine tuning your exercise.

Reduce the costs incurred in preparing your exercise.

Increase your efficiency during after action review and debriefing sessions. Kairos Training provides you with all the information you need on the shelves.

Kairos Training supports the management of your crisis management exercises

  • Setup and access to your entire media environment
  • Manage all your data through a dedicated account
  • Instant and free access, with no commitment
  • Collaborate and share content with your team

Kairos Training, for a deeper pedagogical impact

  • Enhance the realism of your exercises and the immersion of the trainees
  • Control the progress and the pedagogical consistency of your exercises
  • Increase cooperation and cohesion in your team
  • Promote best practices and identify enhancements of the delivered answers


Emergency services and Public safety

You organize large scale exercises involving many actors, whether strategic, operational or operative

  • Control the progress of your exercises
  • Deploy and coordinate multiple animation cells
  • Lead with consistency several crisis cells simultaneously

Companies and industries from private sector

The security of individuals and infrastructure is your priority;

  • Mobilize your people around issues specific to your industry
  • Reduce the impacts of a crisis and be prepared business continuity
  • A special service supporting the scenario implementation and the exercise animation by experts in crisis management may be offered

Training organizations

You want to adopt an innovative and functional approach;

  • Receive a support allowing you a maximum preparation and flexibility of use during the exercise to best suit your educational goals
  • Optimize your interventions by building your library of scenarios, reusable and adaptable to the needs of your customers
  • A collaborative tool to managing all operations of your team with ease

Key features for even greater efficiency

Why Kairos Training ? Its simple and efficient features ensure you to saving time and increasing performance.

Simple and intuitive

A quick and intuitive start. Online help videos guide you step by step.

Collaborative editing

Simultaneously contribute to editing the scenario with all your co-workers. Access the latest scenario update anytime.


Complete immersion of the trainees. Real life communication media available: phone, fax, email, video, social media, etc.


Can integrate and interoperate with other systems. New media types can added to increase the exercise experience.


Run your exercise in a flash. Every media and communication tool is automatically configured.

Full control

Mastering of the exercise by the trainers. The scenario can be customized and updated at anytime to follow the direction of the exercise.


We use secured channel and encrypt all your data


Support warm and cold debriefs. Use all the information recorded during the exercise.

An offer which really meets your needs


Access to Kairos Training


Free registration with no commitment granting access to Kairos Training to manage your scenarios

  • User management
  • Scenario preparation
  • Exercises planning
  • Exercise replay
  • 50Mo of dedicated storage for your scenarios

Exercise token

Running an exercise requires one token per registered trainee

  • Run the exercise
  • Realtime follow up (timeline) of the exercise
  • Trigger tasks and events


Improve your scenarios by activating complementary modules

  • Social network module
  • Landline phone module
  • Mobile phone module